Let’s make your blog rocks!

Here it is my last blog for the Emarketing assignment! It has always been my intention that my last blog will be about “Blogging”. I would really love to reflect and share my experiences as a blogger for the last 6 weeks! It was excited to own a blog, especially for someone who is not so fond of writing an article like me, always a bit worried about the style of writing and how to make it interesting. Before I started my first article, I researched some tips about blogging and I found that personalizing blog posts is one of the keys to build a successful blog. So, I chose to write my blog in a storytelling style and choose the topics from my personal experience of what I see and feel in my everyday life. I think it works as I know that my blog’s main audiences are my classmates, our lifestyle as students in Melbourne should not be to different, and chances are they can easily make a connection to my stories. I selected the topic from the things I see in everyday and linked them to some marketing aspects. I also find the articles and theories form Internet Marketing by Chaffey et al to support my ideas. I also did some research about how to make the blog successful and how to make the most out of it.

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