No Way You Can Escape Advertising

Because I can access on-demand TV shows, funny clips and music videos, yes, I’m a big fan of internet TV. Being a Thai in Melbourne, I also like to keep myself updated with things that are ‘happening’  in my home country, such as, political events, soaps and celeb interviews, and youtube is a terrific channel for these contents. One thing I really like about YouTube is that I can fast forward some part of the program that I don’t want to see (soaps, despite all the drama, can be super slow). Another good thing is I don’t want to watch the advertising that interrupts favorite shows.  But now the advertising is not only on traditional media but now there is also advertising on the internet like YouTube, ABC iView, ninemsn, Yahoo!7 and FairFax. Moreover, some online advertisements you can’t even skip over! Well, it seems like there’s no escaping advertising in the modern world !

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