Are you in “the circle”?

Last night my friend in the UK invited me to join Google+ and decided to try out the ‘Hangouts’, Google+’s VDO conference with another friend in Thailand. It was not bad for more than 2 people VDO chatting.

I found it worked beautifully and appreciated this feature. Good thing about ‘Video Hangout’ is that it allows you to have up to 9 people in one room.  Unlike Skype, the first VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that asks you to pay for holding a  group VDO chatting. This can be seen that Google+ has added some value to its products and services delivered to the customer” (Chaffey et al 2009, pg. 101). However, most of my friends still complain about the complexity to get start and use Google+ as a social networking hub.

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Social Media, The New Way to Find Jobs

     Two weeks ago there was a beautiful graduation ceremony, which took place at the Swinburne University of Technology. Many of my friends finished their master degree this year. It was a time for bottles of champagne and yelling “I did it!” out loud.  Nevertheless this happiness won’t last for long, since it’s also a time to focus on job searching. This is afar cry from merry celebrations with families and friends

Most of college graduates would start to search for vacant positions by traditional methods of finding jobs, such as corporate websites, recruitment agencies, job fairs or just walking in to drop their resumes at the companies. People who have experienced this circumstance would know very well how difficult to land a job, as usually job offers are less than the demand for jobs (and we haven’t even talked about the getting the right jobs!). If you are not yet succeed in using traditional job seeking platforms, maybe you might like to consider our new way to find jobs; the Social Media.

According to 7 Secrets to Getting Your Next Job Using Social Media from, Dan Schawbel states 7 steps of using social media effectively.

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