Let’s make your blog rocks!

Here it is my last blog for the Emarketing assignment! It has always been my intention that my last blog will be about “Blogging”. I would really love to reflect and share my experiences as a blogger for the last 6 weeks! It was excited to own a blog, especially for someone who is not so fond of writing an article like me, always a bit worried about the style of writing and how to make it interesting. Before I started my first article, I researched some tips about blogging and I found that personalizing blog posts is one of the keys to build a successful blog. So, I chose to write my blog in a storytelling style and choose the topics from my personal experience of what I see and feel in my everyday life. I think it works as I know that my blog’s main audiences are my classmates, our lifestyle as students in Melbourne should not be to different, and chances are they can easily make a connection to my stories. I selected the topic from the things I see in everyday and linked them to some marketing aspects. I also find the articles and theories form Internet Marketing by Chaffey et al to support my ideas. I also did some research about how to make the blog successful and how to make the most out of it.

According to the article ‘How a Blog Went From Zero to AdAge 100 in Nine Months’, it reveals that there are 3 key success factors that bloggers should keep in mind 1) Choose ‘the right content’ that bloggers really understand well and relevant to the goal of the blog, interesting and timely 2) Be interactive with the audiences. Bloggers should try to answer all the comments to show care and attention to the audiences. 3) Be consistency and keep updating your blog. I have followed these tips and found it useful for personal blog but with the professional corporate blog, there are further recommendations from the article Corporate Blogging Strategies by Marketing Tech Blog reveals some suggestions that corporate can utilize from their blog.1) Customer engagement channel. Make the blog become a place that customers can give idea for new products or request  the information they want to know from the company 2) Brand awareness enhancing, for example direct sale supermarkets or fashion stores can post recipe or fashion trend and post link to buy page. They should focus on new ideas to use products not just selling products 3) Brand communication channel. Corporate can tell a story, post contents that reflect brand identity and corporate culture in a less formal way with more human touch, which customers can perceive honesty (they all know that formal site only talks about positive stuff) but with less formality and more entertaining, the tone can help customers to reduce bias.

I visited a couple of successful blogs, which have enormous number of followers.  First blog is Google Blog which is created to promote Google’s products, technology and ‘Google culture’ through  facts of things around the world. There are 50 article categories with almost 1,000 articles. Take one example, the  article ‘Google Earth Downloaded more than one billion times’ and it relates to Google Earth attribute.  The blog already has589k followers!

Another example of successful blog is a blog from an online direct sale company, Zappos, called ‘Zappos Blogs’. There are articles about new fashion trend and reviews of the items. There are reviews about beauty, fashion products and relevant contents that integrated with their online shop. Readers can update new trends, which can help they make a purchase decision easier.

Well, I found blogging very fascinated, as a channel, it really enables people or companies to directly communicate with their audiences effectively and at a very low cost. Blogging, also allows personality and human touch, which help to create connection with the readers and the blog contents can be as rich as you can imagine!. I really glad I’ve got a chance to do some blogging myself with this blog, even though I’m not a good writer but blogging helps keep me up to date with the the new trends in internet marketing and prepares myself to become a sophisticated and trendy marketer in a very near future! : )


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  1. Hello Apple,
    To start with, I would like to say that i do like your sharing because i must confess that I am not good at science and technology at all. therefore, i think that your last post is useful with many people, especially me:)
    I agree with you that social media such as facebook or blog is an ideal tool which is able to help companies and people to communicate, to share information with others. For example, by creating a blog or facebook, companies can use it as a place to advertise a new product, conduct conversations arround it, then collect customers’s feedback. It is clear that people tend to be opener with such these conversations. moreover, a good blog might become a quick and cheap advertising method based on WOM and recommendations (such as like button of facebook) among blogers.
    Once again, thanks for your sharing, hope that i am still able to read more from your blog in the future.

    • thank you very much for your compliment and nice comment Anh! I have to say that actually I’m one of technophobia people! I always dislike of those advanced technology or complex devices.
      But when many innovative technologies companies like Apple, Facebook, Youtube make complex things become user friendly and accessible. I feel fearless to learn and use it more and more everyday.
      Moreover when I think that I have to deal with the future generation who we call them Gen Y, I found technology even more important to my life and as a future marketer! LOL This is why I found this subject very useful and tried so hard to make this blog. I want to continue posting articles on this blog and keep updating as often as I can. ^^

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