Are you in “the circle”?

Last night my friend in the UK invited me to join Google+ and decided to try out the ‘Hangouts’, Google+’s VDO conference with another friend in Thailand. It was not bad for more than 2 people VDO chatting.

I found it worked beautifully and appreciated this feature. Good thing about ‘Video Hangout’ is that it allows you to have up to 9 people in one room.  Unlike Skype, the first VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that asks you to pay for holding a  group VDO chatting. This can be seen that Google+ has added some value to its products and services delivered to the customer” (Chaffey et al 2009, pg. 101). However, most of my friends still complain about the complexity to get start and use Google+ as a social networking hub.

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Groupon- Another Price Strategy?

Last Friday I had a fun night out with my other 5 girlfriends and we decided to watch a ‘girl movie’ together instead of clubbing as usual! That’s because one of my friends got a great deal from Groupon Australia to get 7 $ instead of 11$ at Hoyts cinema. It’s not bad right? However to get this good deal, my friend had to buy 10 tickets! The more amounts you buy, the less you pay!! The movie was great, only it got  me nostalgic of my teenage’s leisure time.

This can refer to ‘aggregated buying’ which is one of pricing approaches that buyers as a group buy a number of items to receive a volume discount (Chaffey et al 2009). You can see the introduction to Groupon video as below:


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The End of Retail as We Know It?

Last week I went to shopping in the city and realized that some of small retail shops have disappeared and be replaced by service business such as restaurants and hair dressers. This arouses my curiosity, then there seems to be a lot of Facebook page for online shopping that suddenly come into my attention like my friend online cloth shop, Penny Pence

 I wonder if these two phenomenons are related and this article seems to answer YES!!

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