Social Media, The New Way to Find Jobs

     Two weeks ago there was a beautiful graduation ceremony, which took place at the Swinburne University of Technology. Many of my friends finished their master degree this year. It was a time for bottles of champagne and yelling “I did it!” out loud.  Nevertheless this happiness won’t last for long, since it’s also a time to focus on job searching. This is afar cry from merry celebrations with families and friends

Most of college graduates would start to search for vacant positions by traditional methods of finding jobs, such as corporate websites, recruitment agencies, job fairs or just walking in to drop their resumes at the companies. People who have experienced this circumstance would know very well how difficult to land a job, as usually job offers are less than the demand for jobs (and we haven’t even talked about the getting the right jobs!). If you are not yet succeed in using traditional job seeking platforms, maybe you might like to consider our new way to find jobs; the Social Media.

According to 7 Secrets to Getting Your Next Job Using Social Media from, Dan Schawbel states 7 steps of using social media effectively.

The first secret is to, conduct a people search instead of a job search. Many recruiting managers get candidates from their employees’ referral before even viewing the resumes from their websites. What you have to do is using people search engines like pipl, peek you and wink to find someone who works at your preferred companies after that, you should google more information about that person. Then connect with the person directly through Facebook message as it allows anyone to send message through. Before sending the message, make sure you study the companies’ background and try to get to know that person before asking for a job.

Second secret is using attraction-based marketing to get job offers. You might want to create a blog on what you are an expert in and passionate about. This is a good strategy that you can impress recruiters with what you want them to see and they can make a decision to hire you easier. You can simply use blog makers like or to start your own blog.

Third, Be proactive on Twitter. This is because Twitter has become an indispensable channel to connect directly with recruiters from many companies. By following those recruiters to get to know them, it is imperative that you should have filled out your profile- a short biography, current location, a link to your blog or LinkedIn profile that let recruiters see your additional information.

Fourth, capitalize on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social media site that most of recruiters and top professionals are using to source candidates or peer to peer business connection. Keywords are very important as it is the way that search engine works. To make yourself findable when someone search for information about you, you should fill out your entire profile the same way you fill your CV and using the same avatar as your Twitter account. To get the most out of it, Dan suggests that you should import all your contacts from Outlook, Gmail to build and enhance your network.

Fifth, Advertise your brand using AdWords and Facebook Social Ads. This can target specific recruiters who want to see your resume and hire you for their required positions. Dan Schawbel explains in details how to create your ad on Google Adwords and Facebook Social Ads-Read it here  After you create your ad, you should link it to your Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or blog/website.

Last but not least, Construct a video resume and upload it to Youtube. This is recommended only to people who are good at presentation. The key factor of good video resume is be brief, only talk about your background in an interesting way (story works best!), explains what value you can contribute to the position and why you are the best person for the job. See a good example of video resume as below.

Last, subscribe to blogs that have job listings. Since many large blogs have started to integrate job banks into their own websites. This will update and save your time from searching jobs from companies’ websites.

As a marketing student who is expecting to find a job in next few months, I found this article very useful and captivating. Since social media is not only an effective tool for marketing strategy that helps supporting a communication with customers through the entire purchase cycle; generating awareness, promoting products and services, providing customer service and managing customer relationships(Chaffey et al, 2009 p.31) but it also helps people to market oneself to find a right job. Social media enables us to use a pull strategy that you can choose who you want to communicate with and how you want to be positioned. I would definitely have a go with some of these ‘seven social media secrets’ to create opportunities for myself.

The last thing is to beware! Social media also has some negative aspects like privacy issue, you might have to make sure that your less than positive contents or your inappropriate photos from your Facebook won’t show up when someone google you. Do change your Facebook privacy setting to restrict your private life from the public.

So, all Swinburne fresh grads, I hope you are more than ready for the necessary but rather painful job hunting! I wish you the best of luck!


Chaffey et al, 2009, Internet Marketing-Strategy, Implementation and Practice, 4th edn, Prentice Hall, UK

Schawbel, D 2009, ‘7 Secrets to Getting Your Next Job Using Social Media’,, 5 January , viewed 24 August 2011, <;


8 responses

  1. Very good tactics, Apple. Have you started to post all of your resume and infor through these channels yet? 😉

    And it would be very interesting if you can show us some successful story of some student who did this tactics. (Maybe not from Swinburne but from others is ok)

    And do you think creating FBAd about ourselves is somewhat odds? 😦

  2. Yeah social media can bring lots of benefits and it has a power in all aspects of our life. Sometime we got pressure from the social media, facebook for instance.We’re just overwhelmed by the information around us. But the thing is that “Is it true what you see is what you get”? Media can twist the truth, manipulate the information in a way that sometime the viewers can’t recognize. So… always be rational with the information we intake.

    • Thank you for your comment Kim! You should do this subject indeed! haha..For your point, I think Social media is just another channel to reach connection and present yourself in the way that you want people to see! ^^

  3. Thanks for the informative blog post Apple. You have identified a very common problem for many grads, the transition from study to landing a job.
    I think using social media effectively to help this process is valuable information, especially for budding marketers. After all, if we are recommending social media to be part of communication strategies for products, companies and brands; why not be using them for ourselves. We are now all our own personal brands to be sold to perspective employers.
    However as you illustrated, this can be risky business because there is only so much you can control about your online presence. No matter how diligent we try to be, an unwanted photo of a Saturday night out with friends can surface!

    • Thank you for your comment Bec!
      Yeahhh that’s so true! however, I think one day someone would create a kind of smart application to notice you if someone wants to tag a photo of you and let you approve the photo before it actually shows on your Facebook wall! lol

  4. Really interesting 🙂 Some of the tools mentioned here are really useful, especially Linkedin. Social networking is really the big thing now but still, your personal network should be your best source of jobs. Online network certainly helps but it still doesn’t have the personal touch and trust, you can pretty much fake your own profile online. BTW WordPress is so cool you can log in with ur facebook account 🙂

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